Understanding the Interview Feature


The interview feature is one of the many handy tools on SkootJobs alongside the ‘Matched Jobs‘ feature and others. However, we realised most candidates are not aware of how it functions, so here are your top 3 FAQs!

1. How do we check our interview invitations?


Located at the bottom of your dashboard, there is a box titled ‘Scheduled Interviews’. It shows all the interview invitation. As shown in the figure, you can check the status of your interview here as well.

  • ‘Pending’ status means you have not accepted the interview and an orange label will appear.
  • ‘Accepted’ status means the interview is all set and will be in green.


You’ll also be notified by an email similar to the one shown in the figure. It should include the date, time, location of interview and any message the employer sent along with the invite. So be sure to not miss it!

2. What if I can’t make it for the interview slot?


If you can’t make it, you can actually change the time of the interview and see if the employer is okay with it! Just adjust the ‘Time & Date’ to one you are comfortable with and select ‘Change Details’ after. The request will then be sent to the employer where they can choose to change the time again if they are unavailable, or they can simply accept it and you’re all set for that interview! You can also choose to accept and reject the interview from this window.

3. Can I reject the interview?


Yes, you can reject the interview. You can do so by going to the ‘Interviews’ tab and select ‘Reject’. But try not to do it so often as our system might pick it up and may blacklist your account ?.

P.S. it also shows the status of your interview and you can also accept/change interviews from that tab.

We hope we’ve answered some of your questions. If we did not manage to answer your question, feel free to contact us and we’ll try our best to help out! Now head on over to SkootJobs.com and start getting those interviews. We wish you all the best!


  1. I dont have invited for interview.Thank You.

    1. Hi there, thanks for your feedback! Rest assured we’re working hard to provide you with a better service. ?

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