Job description


Job descriptions are important to make sure candidates are aware of what they are applying for. Having a good job description will definitely help increase the relevancy of candidates who apply. Here are a few tips on getting your job description right:


  1. Stating job requirements and responsibilities – Clearly show what is required by the candidates & what responsibilities they will have taking up the job.
  2. No contact information – We do not allow contact information to be included in job descriptions. By disallowing contact information, candidates will need to go through proper channels to get hired, which allow us to track the whole process of the recruitment as well.
  3. Bullet points – Bullet points are great tools to make descriptions look more organized. This will also help candidates to not miss any points you are trying to bring out.

Did you know: We found that businesses with an uploaded logo get 36% more application, so be sure to upload your company logo!

We will also be allowing images and videos on company culture pages very soon. Be sure to check that out too!
Ready to put these new tips into action? Head on over to and start editing your job descriptions now!


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