Managing applied jobs


So you’ve applied for a job, what’s next? That’s right, you’ll need to manage it yourself. Don’t worry, it’s much more simple than it sounds. Here are a few tips to make it even easier.


You can access the applied jobs management page by clicking ‘Applied’ at the top header. Once you’re on the page, these are the things you can do:

  1. Check the job status – A coloured text beside the job title shows the different statuses of the job.
    • Green  Interview Scheduled: an interview has been scheduled with the employer.
    • YellowJob Expired: the job applied has expired and is not available anymore.
    • Dark blueSeen: the employer has seen your application.
    • Light blueNot Seen: your application was sent but the employer has not seen it yet.
  2. Withdraw application – You can withdraw your application. However, you are not allowed to apply again for the same job after.
  3. Save the job – You can also choose to save it and view it later doing so from the Saved Jobs tab.

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