Updating your contact details


Your contact details on SkootJobs are really important to us. Here’s why you should always make sure it is up to date:

1. In case of an emergency

  • Applicants may request for your contact details if anything urgent happens during the hiring process which would require them to contact you immediately.

2. Feedback calls

  • Our customer success team do require your contact information to occasionally check in with you on how you’re doing with the product and also for feedback to further improve our services.

3. Enquiries

  • To get more details on job postings directly from you.
  • To get your side of the story while investigating blacklisted candidates.


You can update your contact details at the bottom of the ‘Edit Profile’ section. Don’t worry, we won’t reveal your contact information without a good reason.

Head on over to Skootjobs and start hiring now! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. ?

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  1. Adding appropriate contact information will make it easier for SkootJobs to validate the company. And in some cases, contact information will give added value since SkootJobs will also append website or and logo if these were not added by the user in the business section.

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