Introducing new forms


We’re excited to tell you about our latest product update, our forms have been upgraded with:

  1. Button fixes
  2. Improved job roles and skills selector
  3. More job details
  4. Bigger tap targets

Here are more details below on the update:

Button fixes
Certain candidates and employers can’t complete their profiles or job listings as the Done / Next buttons were jamming up. Our tech team has looked into the matter and solved the underlying issue with it, say goodbye to your frustration with forms.


Improved job roles and skills selector
With a simple ‘click to select’ and search design, it is now easier to view and search for job roles and skills that are related to your profession or job vacancy, especially on mobile, since it was a big problem on smaller screens.


More detailed job descriptions
Candidates have been complaining that some of the listings aren’t concise, lacking key job details. We’ve split the ‘Description’ field to ‘Responsibilities’ and ‘Requirements’ instead, so employers will have to describe the job in further detail from now onwards.


Bigger tap targets
Buttons and fields were small, making it hard to tap them on mobile. Now it becomes easier to tap on the fields you want to fill in without clicking any unwanted fields.

Want to check out these new features? Head on over to now! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. ?


  1. The form same with resume and have time, when want to start jobs. Jobs must different blog ( urgent and no urgent).

    1. Hi there, thanks for your feedback! Rest assured we’re working hard to provide you with a better service. ?

  2. Such a fast update

  3. Hi i want site supervisor

  4. TQ for helping me

  5. It is a very good thing that you kept on improving your website. I look forward to you getting the best job portal in Malaysia. Can’t wait!

  6. Good

  7. Its not so clear how to apply through this. Thanks

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