Introducing Response Rate & Time


response-blogOur newest update takes into account feedback we’ve received from extensive time spent on calls with our users. Response rate & time, which will be implemented for both candidates and employers will enable users to have the freedom to improve their desirability of getting applicants or jobs.

What Is Response Rate & Response Time?

Response rate measures the number of requests from either candidates or employers that you respond to, over the total number of requests you receive. It is indicated as a percentage, on your candidate or employer profile.

Response time measures the average time you take to respond to the requests you receive.


How Will This Benefit You?

As a candidate, this will mean that the faster you respond to  interview requests, the greater your chance to tell employers that you are active and will respond accordingly, increasing your likelihood of being invited to interviews in the future.


As an employer, candidates will be able to tell how responsive you are to their application giving you the chance to increase your desirability towards candidates that are actively looking for a job.


How Can You Tell?

blog1Candidates will now have a response rate & time indicator on their profiles. The better the response rate & time, the higher the percentage and lower the hours.


Employers will also have indicators on their profile and is visible through the job search page or job listings.


How Does It Work?

For employers, the site will calculate how well & fast you respond to shortlisting, rejecting, and inviting candidates for interviews over the total applications you get.

For candidates, the site will calculate how well & fast you respond to interview requests over the total interviews you get.

The indicator on your profile will refresh every 24 hours, increasing or decreasing your response rate & time depending on how active you are in handling requests or applications.



In our pursuit to create a meaningful experience for you on the site, we’ve committed to building a responsible and active community here in SkootJobs. Look for those indicators when it starts rolling out soon!

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