3 Reasons To Use Our Interview System



Over the past few months, we have been listening. Through the feedback we’ve gathered, we realised that candidates took too long to respond to e-mail notifications. So we decided to cut down the waiting time by informing them through SMS. All interview invitations and notifications are now sent to candidates via SMS, besides the regular e-mail notification.


SMS Notification
Through our interview system, applicants that you’ve chosen for an interview will receive notices and reminders via SMS.

The candidate will receive an SMS when they:

  1. Receive an invitation for interview
  2. Get confirmation for an interview
  3. Reschedule for interview

Using our interview system, to invite, confirm, or reschedule an interview will trigger the SMS notification to be sent to the candidates chosen.


Feedback System
Easily share your feedback to us regarding any inconvenience you’ve encountered with a candidate. We’ll do a prompt follow up with the candidate regarding the matter and update you once any action has been taken.
Again, this is only possible by using our Interview System.


Response Rate & Time
When using our Interview System, candidates who take too long to respond will negatively affect their response rating. Our response rate & time, enables our users to have a better grasp of a candidate or employer’s credibility and seriousness in hiring or applying for a job. Serious users will be responding to you promptly, getting you quicker to your goal. 

Using our interview system will definitely boost your recruiting or jobseeking efforts, enabling us to assist you to the highest possible standard.


Feel free to give us feedback on our interview system!

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